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Removable Appliances

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Sometimes fixed braces are not the ideal appliances to bring about the required changes to the bite, and a removable brace has to be used, for example if a patient is very young or oral hygiene is not fantastic. This brace can be used to resolve various simple problems, some examples being to bring a single tooth forward or to widen the upper arch. Removable braces can be used on the lower arch also.

A removable brace consists of a plastic base and custom-made metal wire components. Some of these wires are designed to keep the brace secured to the teeth. A removable brace simply clips onto the teeth, and can be easily fitted or removed. Its insertion or removal does not cause any pain.

For the Upper Removable Appliance or URA to be effective you must wear it all of the time with a few exceptions.  You may take it out for eating, cleaning and playing sports.
They might feel strange at first but you will soon get used to the feeling of having them in.  Your mouth will produce more saliva than usual, speech may be affected temporarily and you may also get a few irritations on the cheeks or gums but this will soon settle down.

British Orthodontic Society Information - Removable appliances


Keep it safe
Our FIRST RULE with all appliances is:

“If it is not in your mouth, it should be in your brace case”
This reduces the chances of it being damaged or accidentally thrown away. NEVER wrap in a tissue or kitchen paper as this can results in it being thrown away accidentally.

If your brace does get lost or broken there is an additional charge for a new one to be made.

Keep it clean
Like your teeth, you must also keep your brace clean, use a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean them twice a day. We recommend that the appliance is sterilised in Retainer Brite at least twice a week and you must keep your oral hygiene perfect.

You will have regular appointments for the brace to be adjusted.  If the brace becomes loose or breaks then please phone the surgery as soon as possible for an appointment.

Reasons to take your appliance out: (ALWAYS place it in your BRACE CASE!!!)

  • When taking part in physical contact sports, i.e. rugby, football, hockey, snowboarding, skiing, etc.
  • When swimming, this to avoid losing your brace whilst in the water.
  • When eating, and for cleaning the brace, this must be done after every meal.

We advise that you purchase a brace case from reception to ensure that the appliance is not lost or thrown away by accident. Never place in a tissue as they can be thrown away by accident!

A fee is charged to replace lost or unrepairable appliances.

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london orthodontist wandsworth
london orthodontist wandsworth
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london orthodontist wandsworth
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