Why choose 1A Orthodontics for New Patient Registration?

1A Orthodontics is a of state of the art, modern, family friendly orthodontic practice and you will be welcomed into a caring and professional environment. Our aim is to help all our patients achieve a smile they can be proud of.  We are the number one provider of Invisalign Teen braces in the area!

Starting out on your orthodontic treatment journey is an exciting time for anyone but at 1A Orthodontics, we also want you to feel relaxed. What happens on your first visit to our clinic? What is the best brace for me? How much does treatment cost? How long does it take? How do you get started with orthodontic treatment? What's it like living with braces? Our website will help you find the answers to the common questions we are asked by new patients but the best way to get the complete answers is to contact us and make an appointment for an initial consultation.


It's a partnership!

One important note to highlight is that your orthodontic treatment is very much a partnership between us and you. We will ensure that you are given the best options for both what we can treat and how best to treat it.

However, once treatment begins, we need your help to ensure you maintain your oral hygiene routine; continuing to brush and floss your teeth while wearing braces is essential as plaque and bacteria can quickly build up if food gets caught in your braces. A good oral hygiene routine will help keep this at bay and ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy while we create that great new smile!


Your initial consultation

At your initial consultation we will assess your orthodontic needs and explain the treatment options available to you, also answering any questions that you may have.

Following this appointment we will provide you with a personalised treatment plan, explaining the treatment we will carry out and what the costs will be. If you have been referred to us by your dentist we will also send a copy of the treatment plan to them and keep them fully informed of your progress. Once treatment is complete, your dentist will monitor the teeth we have treated at your regular oral health examinations


Patient Finance

We very much appreciate that investing in your new Invisalign® smile is an important decision and we are pleased to provide finance payment facilities to help you spread the cost of your new smile here at 1A Orthodontics.

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Nervous patients

We know that many patients can be nervous about visiting the dentist. This is often caused by a bad experience in childhood, perhaps with a dentist who was not used to working with children. Typically Orthodontic treatment is pain free but braces can be a little uncomfortable from time to time.

At 1A Orthodontics, we have plenty of experience of working with nervous patients and will do everything possible to support you through your treatment.


How we work

We promise to:

  • Welcome you into a caring and professional environment.

  • Listen with respect and respond to your concerns.

  • Clearly state the cost of proposed dental treatment in advance and provide a detailed written report.

  • Do our absolute level best to keep to time.

  • Perform our very best standard of dental work for you at all times.

  • Make no charges for appointments changed or cancelled where 24 hours notice has been given.

  • Clearly state the cost of proposed dental treatment in advance and provide a detailed written report.

We appreciate your commitment to:

  • As Orthodontic appointments are usually 5 -10 minutes long it is essential that you arrive in time for your appointments. This will enable us to not keep you waiting.

  • Follow our instructions to care for the work we provide.

  • Attend review and maintenance appointments as advised.

  • Pay for treatment as requested. We accept cash, personal and business cheques and most credit and debit cards. We also offer interest free credit and low cost finance.

  • Talk to us, let us know what you think of what we do - right and wrong.

  • Help our practice grow by recommending us to your family, friends and colleagues.

Patient Reviews

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